Those Lips, Those Eyes

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Poster is in pretty good shape. Has one tear in the upper right hand corner otherwise would be considered excellent condition. Any questions just ask

Plot summery of the movie

Cleveland 1951. Pre-med student Artie Shoemaker dreams not so much of a medical career but a life in the theater, against the wishes of his working class parents. Despite having no experience in the theater whatsoever, he is hired as the props man at the Kempton Hills Park Theater, an open air venue that is part of the summer stock circuit. The resident leading man at Kempton Hills is Harry Crystal who, along with some of the other more experienced company members, is working toward more lucrative and higher profile acting jobs. For most, including Harry, the goal is back to Broadway. For some, that Broadway dream is more a delusion than a true possibility. Despite being a bit of a divo, which grates on many of the other crew members, Harry takes inexperienced Artie under his wing both in terms of guiding him through his current position in props, as well as a general life in the theater. Part of that general life includes romantic couplings, the person who Artie ultimately chooses, and she too chooses in return, is the lead dancer named Ramona. Artie's experiences with both Harry and Ramona over the course of the summer stock season shows him if he really wants a life in the theater and if Ramona truly is someone who will be part of his future as he initially envisioned.

- Huggo

24 0 1


7714 Renwick Dr
Houston, TX


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