SOLD!! Colourpop's UltraMatte/Clueless+Lippie Pencil Contempo

3132 130th St Belmond, IA
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Colourpop Cosmetic's #UltraMatte #Liquid #Lipstick-Clueless+#LippieStix-Contempo/Set/Clueless #UltraMatte #Finish in a #DUSTYMAUVE/#LippieStix is #mid-tone #DUSTYROSE/This long wearing high intensity lip pencil glides on easily, acts as a barrier for lipsticks and prevents feathering. Use Lippie Pencil to shade the outer most edge of your lip line, for longer wear, fill in lips completely w UR Lippie Pencil. Follow with your matching Lippie Stix/Have SHARPEN SHARP 4 best application/prevent waste.

11 0 0


3132 130th St
Belmond, IA


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