Miscellaneous Top Shelf Items

2180 Shoal Creek Rd Buford, GA
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These are a bunch of miscellaneous top shelf items that go on the top shelf or on top of a dresser they are trophy items the list of these items include an Oloff trophy stand created by Walt Disney it is a part of the showcase collection also a world of Coca-Cola glass bottle that I got I believe on my birthday does not have a date on it so I am not sure. I love Hawaii shot glass from the aloha State given to me by Bo Marion as a gift and a thank you for picking him up from the airport a glass bottle of sand from Santa Monica beach in Savannah Georgia beach taken from the cross country road trip with Jonathan Bahruth this is the small version of the glass bottle. Also these items are wrapped in quest T-shirts. #Coca-Cola #LastBottle #Oloff #ShotGlass #Hawaii #BoMarion#AcrossCountry #Sand #Quest #T-Shirts #Blue #Black #Gray #Clothing #Camp

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2180 Shoal Creek Rd
Buford, GA


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