Jason Kidd-Richard Jefferson 2005 UD SPX Winning Combos Autograph

4242 Bryant Irvin Rd Benbrook, TX
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This is a Jason Kidd-Richard Jefferson 2005 Upper Deck SPX Winning Combos jersey and Autograph. You might notice something I testing about this card. Although this is Kidd's Autograph, this card wasn't signed Shen I first got the card. That years cards had no Autos in the box at all. This card was actually signed by Kidd at one of there local season ticket holder events. #dirkautocombos

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The cats pictured here are mine. I just like for people to see them. They sit by me and watch everything I do. Pretty cool to watch them watch me.


Yea Kidd has always been my favorite players from way back in the days. I totally understand where your coming from.


Miss when Jason Kidd use to play. Guy was unbelievably talented

72 1 0


4242 Bryant Irvin Rd
Benbrook, TX


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