Sideshow Jack Burton 1/6 Action Figure - PRE-ORDERED!!!

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New from sideshow collectibles is the Jack Burton 1/6 action figure.

Having seen quite a few of these and hot toys figures on here I have always wanted one but always been out of my price range. However when this came up, it was a no brainer as this is one of my all time favourite films so mustered up the courage and pre-ordered it.

Not due for delivery to me here in the U.K. till March 2018 though but will be well worth the wait.

Will also need to invest in a decent display case to put it in when I do get it.

"Its like I said to my's all in the reflexes!"

#bigtroubleinlittlechina #jackburton #sideshow #actionfigures


@stoner ­čś│ very nice!!


Just don't tell his other half ­čśë

312 3 3


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