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Scranton, PA
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I have a bunch of architecture supplies that I am selling. I used to be an architecture student and don't need them anymore. I am selling them as a lot. They are all in really good condition (some things never used).

23x26 drawing clip board ($12 in stores)
(2) 12in architect scales ($4 in store)
(3) 30-60-90 C-thru triangles ($5 in store)
12x30 stainless steel metal sheet roll
(2) excel mitre box
15x20 canson watercolor pad ($12 in store) never used
12in 45-90 triangle ($7 in store)
48" Martin Universal Design parallel straightedge ($106 in store)
Vinyl roll for drawing board 36x48
18x24 light box/tracing box (a few hundred in store)
Staedtler T-square 36" ($22 in store) used 1-2 times
bag of glues
bunch of tape
12" t-square/ruler
4 pieces of 11x17 drafting vellum
19x24 Strathmore bristol ($18 in store)
19x24 strathmore tracing paper (roughly $8 in store)
18x22 piece of mylar
12" roll of tracing paper
soldering iron
rabbet cutter ($11 in store)
eraser shield
lettering guide ($3 in store)
Alvin compass ($21 in store)
33"x5.5" piece of wood
2 pieces of bass clapboard siding 3"x24" 1/4" spacing

This is roughly a $400-$450 value for everything. I am asking $250 OBO!!

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Scranton, PA


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