1901 "Chiquita" Midget Pan-American Exposition Pinback

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Disclaimer: I know that "midget" is not politically correct, but in 1901, that is what they called her. She was marketed as a "sideshow freak." Of course, we know today that "Little People" are no such thing.

This 2 1/8" celluloid pinback button is a beautiful scene of the "little person" Chiquita, (who at that time was referred to as a freak show midget, and also referred to as "The Cuban Atom,") posing on a leopard-skin rug with a fan. She's dressed wealthily, with fancy furniture around her, indicating her celebrity status and expensive taste.

A rare pin. I have amazingly acquired two, so please inquire if you're interested.

Hake's Auctions recently sold one for $325 even though the 1986 book value was only $50-$75, so that gives you an indication of how much values have increased over the past few decades!

From Hake's Auction description:

• "The only button we know of to show her in full color. She stands on leopard skin rug and she wears a large gown with a fan in her one hand as she poses next to a chair to give an idea of her small size. She was known to have expensive tastes, with her costumes custom made in Paris. She wore a cluster of diamonds on her right hand given to her by King Edward of England who proclaimed that, although he had long believed in fairies, Chiquita was the first he had the pleasure of meeting. She was a major attraction at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, probably where this button was sold as a souvenir."
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