2014 Fiat 500 Abarth

2464-2466 Greenwich St San Francisco, CA
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I am selling a one-of-a-kind black Abarth with the red body strips and mirror caps. I had not anticipated using it so little, given that I work within walking distance of my apartment. It has the performance Pirelli tire factory option, with matte grey Abarth wheels and red high-performance mopar brakes. It only has 8,000 miles and I have been the sole owner. It is aesthetically unique in that all of the chrome parts have been wrapped in black vinyl (looks like black paint, but more durable and eliminates chipping and can be easily removed). It has mud flaps behind each tire, reducing rock kick-up and adding to its menacing look. The factory installed the tinted headlights and blacked out tail lights seen on the 500 Turbo. I also installed tinted side blinker lights.

It was custom ordered from the factory, so it comes with every single upgrade except a sunroof. It has the convenience package (seat warmers), Blue&Me navigation that plugs into dash and syncs with car (providing statistics, integrated phone system and USB access for playing music), red and black leather interior, the Beats by Dre stereo system with subwoofer, in-car wifi (router under the seat), and sirius xm radio. It is equipped with 4 backup sensors on the rear bumper (a feature ONLY seen on the cabrio versions).

Performance upgrades include a Magneti Marelli ECU (increases horsepower and torque) and PowerPedal (eliminates turbo lag). The same ECU and Pedal package was used in the Venom Abarth concept model. Marelli is a subsidiary of parent company Fiat, and all parts come with a warranty. It also has a new high flow intake custom made by 500 Madness (provides more horsepower and torque and improves fuel economy; it is the best product for Abarth intakes). In all, the upgrades provide around 40-50 added BHP, making the car over 200 BHP. Stock versions only have 160 BPH.

I have kept this car impeccable, and the paint still shines. The car sounds amazing. If you visit the snow or live in areas with more characteristic seasonal changes, the engine also has a block heater that can be turned on easily, providing an expedited engine heating process in cold weather. This is the ideal car for car enthusiasts, and you really will feel like a race car driver. Remember, this has a manual transmission, not an automatic one. It was the last year without an automatic option in North America, adding to its rareness. #Autos #car #fiat #abarth


wow! I love the red upholstery


looks great! I'm sure you'll find a buyer pretty quickly


Nice ride 👍🏼

10 2 3


2464-2466 Greenwich St
San Francisco, CA


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