3200mah Iphone4/4s Power Bank Battery Case

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The #battery case offers you the convenience of a fully protective #form-fitting case with an extended built-in #rechargeable battery for your phone all in an ultra-thin light-weight low-profile #design.
-Emergency #backup extended battery #charger case, portable and convenient.
-Intelligent charging system with an integrated 4-light #LED status indication.
-Rechargeable li-polymer battery pack, recycle use for protect the environment.
-Security and stability, protective circuit for overcharging, over using and short circuit.
-High efficiency of power conversion, long lifespan cycle.
How to charge your phone:
Step 1: Slot in your phone.
Step 2: Switch on button of battery pack.
Step 3: Close the roof cover.

Safety precautions:
-Do not store battery in high temperature environment, including intense sunlight or heat.
-Be cautious of excessive drops, bumps, abrasions, or other impacts to this battery.
-Do not disassemble this battery or attempt to repair or modify it in any manner.
-Do not expose this battery to moisture or submerge it in
liquid. Keep battery dry at all times.
-For extended storage, first charge your battery for one hour.
Compatible with: Iphone4/4s
Material: Plastic
Package Included:
1 x 3200mah Power Bank Case
1 x USB Charging #Cable
1 x User Manual
Accessory only! Devices not included. #powerbank #MobilePhones #Accessories #case #iphone #iphone4 #iphone4s

For international buyers (not U.S.A).. Shipping may take at least 2-5weeks to receive.

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