Batman: The Dark Knight #20

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After having discovered the corpses of hundreds of Gothamites floating in the Gotham Bay, Batman enters the system of underground tunnels beneath the city, hoping to find the source. Though he doesn't find it, he does emerge near the location in Kane County where he spotted a van on the night that he was tracking the Mad Hatter. Alfred determines that the land was probably government-owned, but any documents relating to it have been redacted, requiring him to hack into their system to find out what was hidden - but this will take time.

Despite the Gotham City Police Department's thwarting the Hatter's plans to bring an audience of mind-controlled citizens to watch his final production, he is still confident that he can bring his plan to fruition since he discovered his new Alice the previous night. He collects her at her home, smashing through Natalya Trusevich's window, and kidnapping her.

47 0 1


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