NEW! CLB City Editions Tee: Goodyear, OH NORTH

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A Tribe Called Cactus.

Goodyear, Ohio NORTH. When talking Goodyear, one must be specific as there are two Buckeye squads that get their prep on out there. Fortunately for you, we’ve emblazoned an unmistakable skyline on the front of this tee and a color scheme reminiscent of a ’48 Champ Stamp on the back. You’re good.

As with all new releases, this tee's being teased for 48 hours:

- Follow us here on the Boxes app then head over to the Cactus Leaguers Baseball page on Facebook to retrieve your 15% off coupon code and enter it at checkout at

- Sale ends Sunday (1/31/16) at midnight

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Thanks JJ92. That's the idea - to break the chain of hideous shirts available at Spring Training every year. We hope you'll pick one up!


Yo you got some really sweet shirts

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