Versace Men 0.17oz By Versace.

17743 SW 144th Ave Miami, FL
14 2 1

Versace Man 0.17 (Mini) Cologne by Versace, The Masculine Scent Of Versace Man Eau Fraiche Will Help The Wearer Feel Charismatic, Confident, Sexy, And Modern . Its Clean, Zesty Smell Reminds One Of Summer And Sunshine, With The Subtle Hints Of Other Woodsy Notes Underneath Providing An “elegant Understatement And A Growingly Alluring Charm,” According To The Classic Design House Versace. Men, Cologne Enthusiasts, And Fashion Collectors Will All Be Appreciative When Given This As A Gift. Out Of all Of The Options, This Is Possibly The Best Versace Cologne For Those Looking To Buy An Attractive Perfume For Summer And Day Wear For A Handsome, Understated, Fashionable Man.




Cant ever go wrong with Versace haha

14 2 1


17743 SW 144th Ave
Miami, FL


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