Mark McGwire 7 Ct Lot Of Assorted Baseball Cards Inserts Etc

4200 Bryant Irvin Rd Benbrook, TX
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This is a Mark McGwire 7 Ct Lot of Assorted Baseball cards. These cards are mostly inserts with a fairly good value to the 7 cards. #mcgwirelot

All GU cards sold have a $3 charge for shipping. DFWSPORTSCARDZ uses priority mail on all cards to ensure they get to that persons front door.

We have been on EBay for over 8 years and have a 100% positive feedback on all transactions.

The cats pictured here are mine. I just like for people to see them. They sit by me and watch everything I do. Pretty cool to watch them watch me.

69 0 0


4200 Bryant Irvin Rd
Benbrook, TX


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