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From my Halloween 17 Collection - “Poe”
So in love with this piece. And the colours.
Poe has a bisque head that is actually dated from the early 1990’s. I usually work with doll heads that are easily over 100 years old. But this one spoke to me. I did microbeads, a glitter lip, oils, tiny glass eyes, Swarovski eyebrows and string art 1970’s earrings. Poe’s dreads are handmade, crocheted synthetic- reds and oranges that transition into creams and platinum. Because of the tight crochet method I was able to sculpt them into huge buns and a sleek ponytail. Vintage and painted wagon wheel swizzle sticks adorn her hot cross buns.
Poe’s green cape is hand sewn from vintage fabrics. I added buttons, oil pastel, rhinestone brooch pieces, bangle necklaces and an adorned pin of her favourite author. Her body and legs are vintage composition and decorated with cloth antique lingerie buttons, a Ouija planchette, acrylics, oils, a thrift store necklace that I fashioned into a belt and decoupaged journal papers from a hand written French travel book. Also, vintage knit leg warmers that I cut from an old pair of doll pants.
Poe’s arms are made from children’s nunchucks which I painted, distressed and wrapped with fabrics and wax cording.
She also has a vintage clip-on earring as a forehead accent, a real flower captured in resin on her belt, embroidery thread, wax, wire etc ...
I have been having a love affair with this piece. Poe is all things. I hope that you enjoy her as much as I do.
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151 0 1


7777 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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