Rhapsody (best For Cancer Patient)

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5 bottles/box (200ml/bottle)
Rhapsody contain nutrients such as phytochemicals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides which are highly effective in improving the health of our immune system.
Main ingredients: cactus and American ginseng

👉🏼can inhibit cancer cell growth and speed up healing in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
👉🏼has incredible anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties and helps in the prevention of diabetes by normalising the secretion of insulin to balance blood sugar levels.
👉🏼helps patients with cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, virus and bacteria infections, and autoimmune disease.

🌵American ginseng
👉🏼contains ginsenosides which can help balance the immune system, destroy cancer cells, and fight stress.
👉🏼helps to improve memory, prevent respiratory infections and flu, and contains high amounts of antioxidants that can strengthen the heart and delay aging.

🌹Cancer patients🌹The powerful combination of Rhapsody and E-Munity can strengthen the body’s natural killer cells and interferon to quickly destroy and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

🌹Patients undergoing chemotherapy🌹
Rhapsody helps to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy treatments and speed up the recovery process.

🌹People with weak immune systems🌹
Rhapsody can quickly enhance the immune system to prevent and defend the body against bacteria and virus infections.

🌹Busy businessmen, executives, housewives, and students who are often stressed out and feeling drained🌹
Rhapsody helps to replenish your energy, improve productivity and quality of sleep, in addition to enhancing your memory and concentration.

A long life full of Health, Wealth, and Prosperity begins with Rhapsody.

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