Denver Broncos NFL Dog Pet Jersey XL

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Denver Broncos NFL Football Pet Jersey features authentic mesh knit jersey material. Make sure your pet looks great on game day!
This dog jersey uses three measurements, L (LENGTH FROM NECK TO BASE OF TAIL), and G (GIRTH AROUND CHEST), and N (SIZE AROUND THE NECK). The most important measurements are the GIRTH and NECK.

Size Length Girth Neck
X-Small 6-9" 15-17" 6-8.5"
Small 8-12" 18-20" 8-10"
Medium 14-18" 20-23" 10-12.5"
Large 18-20" 23-25" 12.5-14"
XL 24-28" Length

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17 0 0


51 Stiles Ln
Montville, NJ


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