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Despite having ended its run some time ago, #BuffyTheVampireSlayer continues to resonate with audiences. 2014 #FunkoPop #Buffy the #VampireSlayer vinyl figures take it back to Sunnydale, lending Buffy a new look in the process.

The lineup includes six basic figures and one chase piece. Besides Buffy, there's #Willow, #Angel, #Spike, #Oz and one of the show's most notorious big bads, #TheGentlemen. The chase figure is a #Vampire Spike variant.

Each figure stands 3 3/4" tall. And while the likeness look rather minimalist at first glance, they aim to capture the essence of each character. The intent is to use them as decorations in offices, on shelves or anywhere else you see fit.

The 2014 #Funko Pop Buffy the Vampire Slayer vinyl figures are numbered as part of the larger #PopTelevision line.

Buffy the Vampire #Slayer premiered in 1997 and lasted for seven seasons. It's credited as helping launch the acting careers of #SarahMichelleGellar and #AlysonHannigan. It also made #JossWhedon one of the most influential creators in Hollywood.

2014 Funko Pop Buffy the Vampire Slayer Checklist
121 Buffy
121 #BloodyBuffy - SDCC Exclusive
122 Willow
123 Angel
124 Spike
125 #VampireSpike - Chase
126 The Gentlemen
127 Oz
182 #WishverseWillow - Hot Topic Exclusive

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This show will always be one of my top favorites!


Agreed! I'm looking for #WishverseWillow as well but so far it's been difficult to find one at a good price @chrissy14 @oliveslife and @raymond.


looks amazing


Willow was the best part of Buffy


oh she was my favorite

130 3 4


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