NECA 30th Anniversary 1/4 Scale Xenomorph Warrior-ALIENS Figure

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A warrior is a Xenomorph hive's main attack force, while others take on a more defensive role.


Larger than its Drone cousins and every Yautja that has appeared on-screen thus far, the warrior Xenomorph stands 8 feet tall when standing straight up and are about 14–16 feet long when crawling on all fours, their tails included.

Difference from Drones

The most visible difference that Warriors have from other Xenomorphs is the ridged head (Called Warrior Ridged) although warriors have been known to have smooth heads (Called Warrior Dome)

The Warrior,[1][2] also known as the Soldier[3], is the primary assault caste of the Xenomorph XX121 species and as such is almost certainly the most numerous caste of Xenomorph in existence. They are fast, reasonably tough, and savage combatants. Even in death the Warrior is dangerous, as its pressurized bloodstream will cause it to burst apart, drenching nearby enemies in acid blood. Warriors are identified by their ridged heads, and stand around 7–8 feet tall on their hind legs. They are about 14–16 feet long, including their tail.

Warriors first appeared in Aliens, but were actually the result of a last-minute design change made by director James Cameron; the original smooth Drone headpiece was considered too fragile to stand up to the rigors of filming and so it was removed, revealing the ridged structure beneath.[4]


The most recognizable form of warriors are spawned from human hosts, and are basically bipedal as a result, although they have been known to frequently move on all fours, particularly when climbing walls or ceilings, a task at which they are adept. They are extremely agile, capable of navigating through vents, up walls or across large areas swiftly and nimbly. They also have an astonishing leaping ability. Warriors stand at around 8 feet in height, taller even than a typical Yautja. They are dark in skin color, typically black but sometimes incorporating dark brown or blue tones.

Warriors are seemingly even stronger than Drones, capable of lifting humans clean into the air with little effort, and breaking down metal pressure doors when in groups.[5] During combat, some Warriors have been known to continue fighting, or at least trying to fight, even after losing limbs.[6] Their heads are covered in ridges for increased structural strength, allowing them to use their skulls as ramming weapons, often to force their way through doors, vent covers or other physical obstructions. Their segmented tails end in a blade-like tip that can be used to propel the creature swiftly through water.[6] They also feature the dorsal tubes typical of many Xenomorph castes, and some Warriors have been seen to possess blade-like protrusions at the elbows.[4]

When a Warrior is killed by weapons that cause massive physical trauma, its highly pressurized bloodstream causes the creature to explode, showering the surrounding area with molecular acid. This has been seen to cause severe injury and even death to humans caught in such a blast.[4] A similar effect has been seen when a Warrior is set aflame, typically through the use of military-issue flamethrowers; the intense heat from prolonged burning can cause the creature to violently explode, which is most likely due to its already high-pressure circulatory system boiling within its body.[6]

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78 1 1


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