Konichiwa { Colourpop X Hello Kitty }

12355 Oleander Ave Chino, CA
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Lippie Stix
Crème finish mid-tone cool blue pink

PRODUCT INFO: Medium to full coverage lipstick with an ultra creamy feel and look that melts onto the lips.

TIPS: We’ve made it easy for you – most of our Lippie Stix have a matching Lippie Pencil that was designed to match its partner perfectly. We’ve listed some recommendations for matching pencils, but hey, we’re not trying to tell you what to do! If you want to shake it up a bit, have fun mixing and matching!

SHADE: Pinks
NET WEIGHT: 1.0 g / 0.0352 oz

#colourpop #hellokitty #lippie

23 0 0


12355 Oleander Ave
Chino, CA


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