Qwik Tune Q12E Exogenic Chromatic Tuner

1948 Holly Rd Highland Park, IL
27 3 1

The Qwik Tune Exogenic Chromatic Tuner can lock on to your instrument's signal even in noisy rooms where other tuners fail. Fully chromatic with large, lighted analog meter, LEDs for fine tuning, pitch calibration from A438 to A445, mute switch, and internal speaker that plays 12 reference tones. Also includes a carry case and comes with 9V battery.


Exogenic tuning system so tuner locks on to instrument signal even in noisy rooms
Fully chromatic
Large, lighted analog meter
LEDs for fine tuning
Pitch calibration from A438 to A445
Mute switch
Internal speaker to play 12 reference tones
Includes carry case and 9V battery




Kind of has a retro look/feel to it.

27 3 1


1948 Holly Rd
Highland Park, IL


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