Baby Suki

7739–7799 E 1st Pl Denver, CO
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Permanently set into a small, vintage, ornate wooden frame (4x5 inch) that I tweaked with oil pastel. No Glass! In the background a tiny painting print of flowers. This is a great little wall assemblage piece incorporating one of my matchbox paintings. This is one of my miniature matchbox paintings "Baby Suki". I have been inspired by The Orient this week. This is a chunky vintage matchbox.. I execute the portrait on a hand-made watercolour paper and then attach it to the matchbox with a high end matte medium. As always, I invest much time and detail into the portrait and the matchsticks and box as well. This intimate, original Moschell matchbox painting is ready to hang very discreetly on ones wall, but is also perfect for framing into a deep frame or shadow box for a more highlighted presentation. All materials are archival or have been treated with a UV protective coating. I enjoy so much creating these miniature matchbox works, They may seem petite, but they alway make a huge statement. I hope that you enjoy this one as much as I do. Shipped directly from my studio to you. … Enjoy ~ Paul
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I love this!!

22 2 1


7739–7799 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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