Huge Valuable 1810's-1857 US Large Cents Coin Collection- 50 Coins

Olympia, WA
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For sale is my 1810's-1850's Large Cents collection of 50 Large Cents!

These Large Cents will range from the 1810's to the 1850's!

These majority of these Large Cents have very worn or no dates visible. The heads of liberty, (Classic Head, Matron ahead, Braided Hair), shows that these Large Cents will be from any dates between 1810's-1850's!

I've been collecting for numerous years and have devoted tons lots of time and dedication to form this incredible old Large Cents collection of 50 Large Cents.

-All the coins very in condition! Most are in AG/G condition, meaning the majority of these coins are lower grades. Many have wear and are worn, some however are in VG Condition, determined by the fact that some have full "Liberty" showing and good details. Some have holes/damage.

--Please if you're the type of person who's picky about coin grades, examine my photos throughly, as I have numerous up-close HD photos to accompany my listing.--

Because there are so many large cents in this collection, any rare large cent or variety of large cent is possible, such as 8/7, small 7, 9/8, large numbers, small numbers, re-strikes, errors, etc!

-Each Large Cent is worth between $12-20, some may be worth more or less!

-This huge Large Cent collection is worth approximately $750 in total!

This is the type of coin collection that's a great investment, can easily double in value!


This collection is huge and because of that I can't ask for $12-20 or more per large cent (which they're worth individually), I have to be fair to the buyer for buying this large of a quantity-- and so I'm asking only $7 per large cent.

In total, my price is a significantly better deal than almost all coin stores or coin dealers, and at this price I'm offering these for a limited time For sale is my 1810's-1850's Large Cents collection of 50 Large Cents! #papermoney #ancientcoins #midievalcoins #uscoins #canadacoins #worldcoins #coins

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Olympia, WA


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