Over 1000 CDs Import, Rare, Vintage Plus Wooden Bookcases For Them

398 Walnut Dr Ventura, CA
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Approximately at least 1,000 CDs, most likely many more more, protective and decorative solid wooden storage racks, plus about another 1,000 and, if I can find them, maybe 2,000 Grateful Dead live CDs. The Dead CDs are free to the buyer. They’re not included in the 1,000 count.

All studio albums are replacement copies of ones that I had and scratched long ago. Most of them are hard to get live recordings or extremely rare imports. Just about every rock band you can think of is covered in the bunch, plus a little rap, jazz, classical and whatnot. You’ll hear a lot of things that you’ve never heard before.

As you can see from one of the pics, when not in use, the collection is covered in plastic. These CDs are in good shape

If you’re looking for something specific, please contact me, I probably have it. #CD #Rock #records #bookcases

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398 Walnut Dr
Ventura, CA


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