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With your death I will find peace.

A brilliant military mind and strategist, Bane was denied any hope for a normal life when he was forced to rot away within a foreign prison as a child for a crime his father committed. Since his father passed away before his sentence could be completed, Bane was forced to take his place in the prison, where he toned his body and mind to perfection and was eventually subjected to military experiments. He had a height of 6'6" and a weight of 285 lbs in his standard appearance, and an estimated height of 7'5" and an estimated weight of 500 lbs after taking TN-1.

Among these experiments came Bane's dependence on the chemical agent, Venom, which granted him incredible strength and adrenaline. Breaking out of the prison, Bane sought to conquer worthy adversaries and make a criminal empire for himself. It wasn't long until he heard legends of Gotham City's Dark Knight and fought the hero numerous times in an effort to prove himself. Having been employed by the city's most powerful crime lord Black Mask, Bane finally sees his opportunity to kill the Dark Knight himself and conquer Gotham City for his own designs.

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