Red With The Blues

152 Spruce St Denver, CO
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New Assemplage Puppet Piece. This is "Red". She lost her cat Tangerine. Red has HUGE HAIR. It can be styled madly. These are spiral synthetic crocheted dreads I made just for her. Heavy duty. A vintage tobacco tin makes up her body which I delicately tweaked with complimentary acrylic paints. She wears a brooch of Tangerine in hopes of finding him everyday. INSIDE her tin body is a MUSIC BOX with a crank that pokes out of her back and plays the theme from Love Story. I used an old scrap of one of my fave shirts to wrap her head and top it off with a rhinestone pin and a Lutheran Sunday School pin (my roots). Red has a gaurdian angel on each shoulder with abalone head pieces. One is ALWAYS sleeping whilst the other watches for Tangerine. Washer earrings, Japanese water drops, porcelain arms, legs and head. Wire. A small spool. Micro beads. Fantastic German blown German glass eyes. And 2 knitting needles to help keep her hair a bit more tame. Red is aprox 24 inches and comes with a hanging kit. Everything is very secure.
Enjoy - Paul
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@seesaw thank you


Love Red :)

90 2 1


152 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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