Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

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This is the 28th Godzilla film and the final film to be made by Toho until Godzilla Resurgence in 2016.

Whilst not a critics favourite, it is certainly one of mine. It is the largest mash up in the Godzilla franchise, featuring no less than 15 monsters!

The first monster Godzilla fights is Zilla, the American version of Godzilla from 1998. In order to show the contempt for that movie and convey which Godzilla is superior, Zilla is beaten in under 20 seconds with a tail swipe and atomic breath blast. You can watch it in youtube, it is hilarious!

- Godzilla
- Zilla
- Gigan
- Ebirah
- Anguirus
- Hedorah
- Kamacuras
- King Caesar
- Kumonga
- Manda
- Minilla/Baby Godzilla
- Mothra
- Rodan
- Monster X
- Kaiser Ghidorah

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I love all the Godzilla movies and have loved them since I was little. I've personally seen every film that has been released in the U.S. and own quite a few of them as well.


@deancoates thanks! A few more dvds to go and some more cool stuff en route from Japan atm.


u have some dope Godzilla stuff


oh wow I'd love to won this

239 2 6


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