Vision And The Scarlet Witch #2

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Ultron and the Grim Reaper target Wonder Man's "brother," the Vision- and Scarlet Witch!

(Continued from West Coast Avengers #2)

The Quinjet carrying Hawkeye, Tigra, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Vision is attacked by Ultron-12. The Quinjet is badly damaged and crash lands. The heroes wake up as the prisoners of the Grim Reaper along with their missing teammates. The Grim Reaper wants to extract the essence of Simon Williams and Vision and deposit it in another body so that he can have his real brother back. When Simon is released from stasis, he attack the Grim Reaper and Mockingbird helps bring the securtiy field down. Ultron escapes, Grim Reapers dies in a terrible fall and Vision asks Wanda if she wants to have children.

63 0 1


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