Civil War: X-Men Vol. 1 #3 of 4 (2006)

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Part of the 'Civil War' event.

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
#Bishop is overloaded with energy and he has to direct it up which destroys part of a #sentinel and #ONE finds out that there knowledge of #Cyclop's powers was flawed. #Micromax and #Sabra attack, Micromax punches Cyclops while #Angel talks with Sabra. #Beast is punched by Micromax. #Iceman blocks some bullets with an ice wall. Cyclops finds out someone controlled him while Bishop thinks that Cyclops was trying to kill him. Inside the facility #Lorelei tells everyone about #JohnnyDee. Johnny Dee tries to kill Domino and Toad licks the person he possessed right when she snaps out of it. Lorelei is possessed and attacks #Domino but Johnny Dee leaves her mind and she says that she felt him. Johnny tells #GeneralLazer about how #Caliban found out some things about what else is inside the facility. In a mobile headquarters #ValerieCooper and #ColonelReyes talk about the situation and see #Shatterstar and Domino leaving the facility on one of the monitoring systems,they continue to talk.They and some soldiers confront Lazer and Johnny Dee. The battle continues, Micromax attacks Angel and is mortally wounded by Shatterstar. Bishop orders the Sentinels to cease fire, they all talk about what is going on. Lazer sets off the weapons inside the facility.

#Marvel #CivilWar #XMen #comics #firstprinting

37 0 0


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