The Incredible Hulk #199

36 0 1

Following his battle with the Collector, the Hulk finds himself in Citrusville, Florida where the population approach the creature with interest. This causes the Hulk to become angry and demand that people leave him alone. His presence in the town attracts the attention of Gamma Base's SHIELD liaison Clay Quartermain who convinces Nick Fury to allow him to use SHIELD weapons to capture the Hulk before he can get away again.

Flying out to Florida, the opening salvo is made when Doc Samson jumps from a SHIELD chopper and attacks the Hulk directly. As the Hulk is distracted, the helicopters use neuro-clamps to bind the Hulk. However before they can pump anesthetic into the Hulk's system, the brute breaks free crashing into the nearby swamp. Samson rejoins the others and they continue on to capture the Hulk.

36 0 1


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