OPI Lot!

Tulsa, OK
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Opi LED light, I only used it for myself a handful of times, got it brand new. Bought it for 300, and I have assorted gels Opi, Ink and bmc. Whole lot I am asking $230. There are 41 gel polishes and one base coat and two top coats. It will also include a builder gel by bmc. This is a great offer, all must go. If intrested please message or call 9183788857. This is a great deal! The gel polish alone is worth alot! Will drop price a little if sold today!

BMC colors: In the bmc:
Maroon sparkle
Purple/lavender mood( hint or glitter)
Fuchsia glitter
Pink glitter
Dark purple glitter
Pink/purple mood
Purple/lime green mood

6 0 0


Tulsa, OK


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