2007-08 Upper Deck ICE Black ICE Jersey Autographs WAYNE GRETZKY

533–673 Seneca St Lewiston, NY
16 2 2

In 07-08 I was in a hobby shop opening series 1 upper deck hockey and to my utter surprise this Wayne Gretzky upper deck ice black ice jersey autographed in gold ink card appeared. I was completely amazed as I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that this was even possible. I have since sold the card and bought it back and it is now graded. Definitely one of my prized possessions!



I'd really like to get his autograph some day


Thanks. Couldn't believe I saw it for sale on eBay. Jumped at the opportunity!


glad you got it back. This card is definitely a keeper

16 2 2


533–673 Seneca St
Lewiston, NY


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