OnLive Micro Game System

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OnLive's flagship product was its #cloud #gaming service, which allowed subscribers to rent or demo #computer games without installing them on this #system. The #Games were delivered to OnLive's client software as streaming video rendered by the service's servers, rather than rendered locally by the device like #Nintendo, #Sony and #Microsoft systems do. This setup allowed the games to run on this #console where it would normally be unable to run them due to insufficient hardware, and also enabled other features, such as the ability for players to record and spectate #gameplay.

On April 2, 2015, it was announced that #Sony #Computer #Entertainment had acquired OnLive's patents, and that all OnLive services would be discontinued on April 30, 2015. Sony operates #PlayStation Now, a similar service built using the infrastructure of #Gaikai, a former competitor to OnLive.


The only thing about streaming games is the delay when you play. It's not perfect. Needs a bit of work still.


Thats actually a good idea. Surprised I never heard about this.

33 2 1


Baytree Towne Cir E
Jacksonville, FL


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