Pink Power Ranger

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Funko Pop
Pink Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I will edit this and add more pictures for proof that I really got this signed.

Before I got this, I noticed the prices of the Power Ranger pops were slowly rising. I looked online and saw that they released the #0 edition of the Power Ranger Comics with the Rangers having their own separate covers. I also read somewhere that they were releasing a movie or maybe even a sequel to an updated version of power rangers. To me it wasn't absolutely an overly exciting announcement that I needed to celebrate but it was pretty huge. I watched Mighty Morphin at a really young age but I only really paid attention to it because I enjoyed their fighting scenes and I would try to mimic it as a kid and play with my little action figure toys like how I saw them on TV. I wish I knew were those figures went lol.

But anyway, I finally had some funds saved and thought to pull the trigger on it and a couple days later, I saw on my Instagram feed that Kat, from Mighty Morphin, and Jen, from Time Force, are gonna be at a comic book shop not too far from my place. I tried to find the best deal I could but I was too late because I knew by the time I paid for it, it would take too long for it to get to me because no one locally had it. I even messaged a couple of eBay and Amazon sellers if they could do overnight but I came to my senses and gave up on it.

During the day of their meet and greet/ signing event. I called the shop right when they opened and asked what time would the pink Rangers be there and to my surprise, they said it's been postponed for another week. I bought the pink ranger cover #0 prior to the event and I was ready to just get my comic book signed. Around lunch time, I had my eyes glued to my phone looking to get a pink ranger pop and within an hour, I found someone that had it on Instagram and was willing to sell it and offered a 2 day shipping option for me. It all worked out perfectly and the day came and I finally met them and got them to sign my pop and comics. 😭😊


the Pink Power Ranger is the best!

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