Spawn The Classic Cover Series 25•The Creech: Out For Blood ci.01

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CHARACTER » Creech appears in 6 issues.

A creation made from hundreds of aborted fetuses and outfitted with experimental weapons to become a government soldier.

Birth of The Creech

Dr.Battu was a gentle pacifist whose only simple goal was to help the world better itself through genetic research. In honor of his wife who died during childbirth, Dr. Battu decided to literally make life from death and in the process creating the Creech from hundreds of aborted fetuses.Engineered in the idyllic isolation of Battu's laboratory, the creature is born an innocent being with no conception of good or evil. Unfortunately, the group that funded his project had different plans for the creature. Named simply The Agency, they wanted to create the ultimate weapon of war and found it in the Creech, outfitting him with strange experimental weapons.


In a last-ditch attempt to save the creature. Dr.Battu infuses the creature with his own mind patterns just before he is murdered by rogue officers of The Agency. The newly self-aware creature is a muddle of internal contradictions as the consciousness of the peaceful Dr. Battu struggles with its genetically engineered instincts for killing and destruction. During one of his battles he causes the death of an important agency member,Dross.


As it turns out The Creech shared his DNA with that of aliens who planned to invade the Earth. Bent on the destruction of the human race, they have now become the second obstacle in his race for freedom. Unfortunately before the Creech has the opportunity to solve his problems it sacrifices itself to save the Earth from the alien invasion. But was this really the end?
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54 0 0


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