My McDonald's Coin (I'm Speedie) Paper Weight

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McDonald's Coin (I'm Speedie) Marble Paper Weight, Signed By 22 Drivers Sponsored By McDonald's. Including The Late Justin Wilson,
1) Graham Rahal, INDY, Top-Top
2) Jimmy Spenser, NASCAR, Winston Cup, #27, 2-Pic's, Top-Left,
3) Cruz Pedregon, NHRA, Funny Car,Top-Right,
4) Tony Kannan, INDY, Top-Left
5)The Late Justin Wilson, INDY, Died 8/24/2015 in crash, Top-Right,
6) J.W.L., NASCAR, Bush, #35, Top-Right,
7) Jim Yates, NHRA, Pro Stock Champion, Top-Right,
8) Andy Houston, NASCAR, Busch, #36, 2 Pic's, Top-Bottom,
9) Cory (Cory Mac) McClenathen, NHRA, Top Fuel, Top-Left,
10) Regan Smith, NASCAR, Busch, #35, 2 Pic's, Top-Left,
11) Matt Kenseth, NASCAR, Winston Cup, #94, Big Mac., Bottom-Side,
12) Jason Keller, NASCAR, Busch, #35, Bottom-Side,
13) Dennis Sentzer, NASCAR, Busch, #89, McRib, Right Side,
14) Ed Rensi, NASCAR, Owner of the McDonald's Busch car #35 and was The C.E.O. of McDonald's, 2 Pic's, Right Side,
15) Todd Bodine, NASCAR, Winston Cup, #94, Monoply, Top Side,
16) Tim Fedawa, NASCAR, Busch, #55, Left Side,
17) Bobby Hamilton Jr., NASCAR, Busch, #35, Left Side,
18) Tony Stewart, NASCAR, Busch, #29, 2 Pic's, Bottom-Top,
19) Kasey Kane, NASCAR, Nextel Cup, #9, Bottom-Top,
20) Lynn St. James, INDY, #90, Bottom-Bottom,
21) Elliott Sadler, NASCAR, Nextel Cup, #19, Bottom-Center,
22) Max (MAD MAX) Papis, Trans Am Series, Bottom-Bottom,
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You have some fantastic autographs man!


The fact that you have a picture of every autograph is insanely awesome


Thanks east2west


I really enjoy everything you post :D

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