Authentic Limited Edition Lokai Bracelets

6767 Tiger Dr Huber Heights, OH
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Small - 6" (15.2cm) - Usually fits adolescents and women with thin wrists.
Medium - 6 1/2" (16.5cm) - Usually fits teenage boys and the average woman.
Large - 7" (17.7cm) - Usually fits the average man.
Extra Large – 7 1/2" (19cm)

Blue - Earth Water Day
Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness
Red - Child in Need
Camouflage - World Wildlife Fund

Each lokai is infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth. The bracelet’s white bead carries water from Mt. Everest, and its black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. These extreme elements are a reminder to the wearer to live a balanced life – staying humble during life’s peaks and hopeful during its lows.


22 0 0


6767 Tiger Dr
Huber Heights, OH


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