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Galactus is the famed "Devourer of Worlds" in the Marvel Universe. His powers are nearly omnipotent. He has appointed a number of entities as his Heralds, imbuing them with the Power Cosmic. He uses energy from the core of planets and universal sources to sustain himself. He has currently been changed into the Lifebringer, who restores life to the planets Galactus has destroyed.

Galactus is the only survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. He was actually born billions of years ago on the planet Taa. Taa was a paradise world, the most technologically advanced in all the universe. Galactus was born during the last years of his universe just as the Big Bang was approaching. He was a scientist and informed his people of the impending doom to not only Taa, but the universe itself. The very atoms of the universe were changing and they watched as civilizations died.

Soon, residents of Taa began dying of radiation poisoning and even their advanced skills could not stop it. He persuaded some crewman to fly with himself in a space vessel into the terminal point of the universe as a sort of last act of Heroism to his people. Everyone else on the ship died and that's when a cosmic being calling itself the Sentience of the Universe told him they both must die. The being combined with Galan and became part of the new Universe as a cosmic egg.

Galactus was created along with his starship and the embodiments of Death and Eternity. He stayed here, inert, for billions of years. A Watcher found the ship to be interesting and brought it down out of a planet's orbit, thus breaking his oath of non-interference. He awoke the incredibly powerful entity on-board. He had one chance to destroy it but did not interfere, knowing that this entity must live.

Galactus learned to control his power and created a unique body suit to help regulate his awesome energies. His ship became an incubation chamber and Galactus stayed there for several hundreds of years. The ship eventually fell into orbit over Archeopia, and the residents dared not tamper with it. During a space war, his ship was fired upon and Galactus was awakened, his incubation complete. This was the first time Galactus fed upon the energy of a planet. The survivors of this planet who escaped became known as the Wanderers.

He looked upon the ruin he had created. But he knew he had the power of creation as well as annihilation. He began to reconstruct the world, taking millennia to finish it. When completed, it was enormous, so that planets orbited it as though it were a sun. The world-ship became Galactus' home and he named it Taa II.

At this time, he could go centuries before he needed to feed again. He started out feeding upon the energies of uninhabited worlds. Soon, his hunger grew more quickly and the time between feedings grew shorter. At first, Galactus felt much guilt for his destruction. Eventually, he stopped worrying about only feeding upon uninhabited worlds as he felt he was above other beings.

When he came across Death and Eternity, it was believed that Galactus served as the balance between the two forces.

Devourer of Worlds
Galactus is empowered by the virtually limitless power of the Power Cosmic. As such, Galactus manifests a range of powers and abilities depending on his need and desire. Galactus also possesses technology that works with his biology, which is of a degree of complexity that even the greatest minds may not be capable of understanding.

However, Galactus is not entirely omnipotent. The true form of Galactus is not known. He is perceived as the species of whoever is looking at him. To a human, he appears human. To an alien, he would appear the same as them. Galactus's true form is a golden glowing humanoid body of energy with energy surrounding him, he wears his armored suit to sustain his immense power.

The Power Cosmic allows him to manipulate creation, matter, energy, and universal sources. Galactus can erect nearly impenetrable fields, project devastating energies powerful enough to blow up planets and split them apart, shoot lasers or give off radiation, open wormholes or portals to other dimensions and time, transport beings across the universe and again even time, teleport, read minds across the universe, levitate matter via telekinesis, reconstruct matter or transmute it like turning water into ice, turn matter into energy or vice versa, manipulate elements and elements of the Periodic Table, blast meteors or comets, erase memories through manipulating souls, bestow power, repair or heal living tissue, or even resurrect the dead.

The Hunger of Galactus

Galactus possesses an insatiable hunger for energy that is satisfied by energies derived from energy and life rich planets. Galactus' great hunger is the greatest motivating force in his life, consuming his complete attention and motivating his every action. He uses energy from the core of planets and universal sources to sustain the energy and biology of his body.

Galactus often uses advanced technology from his ship to harness the biospheric energies her requires. Sometimes, he does not use any technology he simply devourers the world by his touch. The technology he uses is a more complete or efficient way to take the energy in, as Galactus has to use energy to consume a planet without it. The main device Galactus uses is a massive energy converter, which changes the biospheric energies into energy that is then consumed by Galactus.

The energy Galactus consumes not only powers him but nourishes him as well. Galactus can starve to death if he does not continue to consume planets. If Galactus were to perish by starvation, it is stated that he would explode and take a 50 light year radius of the galaxy he is in with him.

After merging with his Earth-1610 counterpart, Galactus no longer needs to depend on his old machinery to consume worlds as he can now summon a Gah Lak Tus swarm at will to seek out and consume planets, which then returns to its counterpart and feeds him the energy it has collected by merging with him once more. He can also summon tiny versions of the standard city-sized Gah Lak Tus drones that can eat anything alive and also assimilate organic lifeforms such as a human being or a gigantic crab into new types of drones.


Height: 28'9" (varies)
Weight: 18 tons (varies)
Eyes: Black (varies)
Hair: Black (varies)
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