Fantastic Four #387

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Within his citadel on the Moon, the Watcher spends some time with his display commemorating the formation of the Fantastic Four and mourns that the world's greatest super-hero team is about to come to a tragic end. Lamenting over the fact that his sacred vow of non-interference prevents him from doing anything, the Watcher thinks back to when he first met the Fantastic Four when they first came to explore the moon many years ago, and how not long after that he assisted the group in obtaining the Ultimate Nullifier in order to defeat Galactus. He then turns his thoughts toward the most recent tragedies the Fantastic Four has had to endure recently: How Nathaniel Richards, Reed father, kidnapped young Franklin and replaced him with a future, teenaged version of the boy. He also reflects on Mister Fantastic's apparent demise at the hands of his old enemy Doctor Doom. Knowing where all of these events are going to lead, Uatu the Watcher wishes that he could tell the Fantastic Four, but must stay determined to his vow not to.

16 1 1


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