Quiet, Please - Complete Radio Series 1947 - 1949

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I have recently got into old time radio shows which concentrate on horror, fantasy and sci fi and alongside some Orson Welles productions, this is my favourite series.

This CD has all 91 episodes stored together, although for any interested listeners, I have provided a link direct to the website where all 91 can be listened yo for free.

I especially recommend Northern Lights, Nothing Behind the Dooor and The Thing On The Fourble Boards. They are classic, of their time old fashioned supernatural tales that will instantly recognisable in style to most people.

Quiet, Please aired from June 8th of 1947 through June 20th of 1949. Until September 13th of 1948 it was featured on the Mutual Broadcasting System, and after that it moved to ABC. It is considered by many to be among the most uniquely creative series in history.

The creative forces behind the series were Wyllis Cooper (creator, writer, director) and Ernest Chappell (featured actor). Cooper was not at all new to radio drama when he began work on Quiet, Please. He teamed with John Housman in writing the scripts for the final season of Mercury Theatre on the Air (by then called Campbell Playhouse), and in 1934 created the popular horror series Lights Out. Although significantly different in style, and although Arch Obler took over in 1936, Lights Out had a similar goal. Both series seek to chill the listener through a completely immersing personal experience.

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219 0 4


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