Black Leather Sectional sofa (couch)

240 SE 14th St Miami, FL
7 2 0

This black leather sectional sofa has both a modern look and comfortable design.

Including the ottoman, the couch has a total of five individual sections, which can be rearranged as desired aesthetically in order to fit snugly with almost any living area space floor design.

The sofa's flexibility and mobility make it perfect for watching sports or movies with friends bc there's not a bad seat in the house.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me with any questions or even stop by to see the sofa in person, but the sofa must be sold by Sunday, January 31st, at the latest due to an unexpected move.


Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm new to this app so I was wondering if besides the comments I can see is there a place where people make offers that I'm not seeing?


I need a couch this big in my house lol


This is a great price!

7 2 0


240 SE 14th St
Miami, FL


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