1094 Brookridge Rd Amber, MI
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ICOOL PVA Cooling Towel Orange

Manufacture ID: IC50066

The iCool Cooling Towel is designed to absorb up to 8 times its weight in water and sweat and keeps you cool during any demanding activity whether you're working out biking a trail or simply mowing the lawn. The iCool is reinforced with a strong athletic mesh for years of cooling relief. Activate the iCool Towel by rinsing with warm water prior to the first use. As long as the towel stays moist its evaporative technology continues cooling for hours. Simply rewet as the iCool begins to dry. The chemicalfree design is biodegradable and machine washable. Store the clean moist towel in its original package to get years of reliable use.

Color: Orange


23 0 2


1094 Brookridge Rd
Amber, MI


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