Petra The Transgender Rabbit

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Here we have Petra. Petra is a transgendered rabbit. And he/she has arrived and we are so ready for spring. Petra's head is porcelain and reworked with graphite, acrylic paints, metal washers, oil pastel and silver leaf. Vintage blinky eyes set in place and accented with Japanese micro beads. Petra's neck, forearms and very clever hat are all components of a 1960's orange candlestick. Her hat is filled with a ballerina and wire sprouts that accent her multi-coloured wire scarf which can be refashioned to ones liking. A tiny, floral porcelain pig (Precious LaTeesha) that I acquired from China sits on Petra's shoulder and whispers her scandalous secrets and gossip. She wears a rhinestone buggy brooch and a Paul Moschell pin to celebrate me, her creator. Beads, wire, spools, vintage porcelain hands and paint make up her arms - topped off with a dash of glitter (pronounced "glitta").
Petra's body consists of 3 pieces. An old floral tin, a pink 1950's mothball vaporizer and a rusty old bed spring. All three of these body components have been tweaked or restored Moschell style with acrylic paint. Her composition legs (which are actually just hooked on and can be removed) are adorned with old transfers which I painted over and over and accented with dress trim, painted metal washers and a bit of glitta.
Petra hangs from 1500 pound painted fishing line filament that attaches to a pair of vintage horn rimmed glasses that I broke the arms off and then accented with paints. Oh! And long icy crocheted lavender synthetic dreads worked into a loose and stylish side pony.
Petra is almost 30 inches ear to toe.
Enjoy ~ Paul
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@pmoschell that's a great story. I really respect that. Love your work that I've seen on here so far :)


@glovers - I just continue to collect things from all over the world. So my studio is filled with a huge variety of things. I start picking through what I have and pieces start to come together to make a story. I get inspired in the moment. Nothing is overly planned. I just enjoy the beauty of putting odd things together to make a finished piece or story. :)


How do you get your inspiration for your work?


I love how colorful she is.

96 4 4


7739–7799 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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