Onaum In-house Headache Aid

590 W Central Ave Brea, CA
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This is an in-house blend that @OnaumTweet has put together to help with everyday common pesky headaches. Rub the combined oils either on your temples, or behind your ears, or back of your neck to feel the relief slowly evaporates safely. This formula is also safe to be used with a diffuser...just add 3-4 drops of the combined oil and your favorite diffuser and let the scent relax you. This set contains Peppermint, Lavender, Wintergreen, Frankincense, and doTerra's PastTense. #cosmetics #perfume #skincare #essentialoils #doterra #onaumgifting #onaumblog #onaumhelpinghand


Have you tried it personally? and has it worked for you?

89 1 1


590 W Central Ave
Brea, CA


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