Kodak Vision3 16mm Film.

Santa Rosa, CA
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I have 4 rolls available for $40 apiece

Tungsten-Balanced Color Neg. Movie Film
Exposure Index of 500 in Tungsten Light
Expanded Highlight Latitude
Dye Layering Technology
Fine Grain and Sharpness
Wide Dynamic Range
Well-Suited to Digital Post-Production
Process in ECN-2 Chemistry
R-90 Spool, Winding B Single-Edge Perf.
Kodak's VISION3 500T is a high-speed tungsten-balanced movie film characterized by a fine grain structure, broad dynamic range, and the flexible nominal sensitivity of a 500-speed index. It has a wide exposure latitude with exceptional highlight control for working in a variety of lighting conditions, ranging from high contrast outdoor lighting to mixed interior light situations. Advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT) is also used to reduce the appearance of grain in the shadows for cleaner. #kodak #film #16mm


There are still quite a few enthusiasts who would love to get their hands on these 👍🏼


from the age BEFORE digital cameras


wow! I remember having to use these 😀

3 2 2


Santa Rosa, CA


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