Godzilla Vs Destroyah Shitajiki

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This is a 1994 Shitajiki (pencil board) for the film above.

B5 size ( approx. 7inches x 10inches )

Shitajiki (下敷き, literally under-sheet) is a Japanese word for various types of materials placed under a sheet of paper for writing, either to prevent marking on the sheets below or to provide a better surface for writing. They are usually referred to as pencilboards in English.

Highly collectable in Japan. They can come in many designs and this one has the Chirashi poster image on one side and the reverse is a brief history of some of Godzilla's battles including who he fought and the outcome. Have tried to show these as best as possible in the photos. Definitely one of my favourites in my collection.

Hard to obtain outside of Japan and some are rare in Japan. This was shipped directly from Japan to me in the UK.

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@stonecold yeah it's pretty cool that they did that.


I love the fact the outcome of his battles is recorded, whether win, lose or tie

289 2 2


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