Sword Of The Angel (by Bowie V. Ibarra)

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Espada del Angel was the greatest luchador who ever graced the squared circle in Mexico, the birthplace of lucha libre. His matches filled arenas, and his trophy cases are filled with the masks of defeated foes.

When he retires, he grooms his son to carry his mantle into the future, securing his legacy as one of the greatest in lucha libre history. His son goes on to perpetuate his father’s tradition of lucha excellence as Espada del Angel, Jr.

But as times change, the perception and respect for lucha libre by aficionados fades. Mixed martial arts takes its place as the premiere combat sports style of the new millennium. Espada del Angel, Jr., then faces a philosophical and personal dilemma: should he continue to excel at his sport, or should he retire to prevent further tarnishing his father’s legacy under extreme criticism and ridicule?

As he reaches a crossroad in his spiritual quandary, the greatest terror the world has ever seen sweeps the streets: The zombie apocalypse!

Will Espada, Jr. be overrun along with his fans by the zombies assaulting the city that is the home of his latest matchup? Or will the sinister plague be leveled and the people of the city defended by the Sword of the Angel?

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259 0 4


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