Iphone 5 Carrier Unlocked

1645 S 29th St Kansas City, KS
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Imei# 990002305685396

I was using it with sprint and i requested a domestic sim card unlock and they said that all i would have to do is give the other carrier an MSL # 855327

Has a crack in the top right corner
White light leaks out of the right side
The only reason i haven't fixed it is because the flaws do not affect the display and you cant see it with the otterbox.

Comes with otter box and data sync cable if you want me to fix the screen it will be $20 more and you have to wait for the Amazon 2-Day shipping.

Everything else works fine.

#Apple #iPhone #iPhone5 #iPhoneUnlocked

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1645 S 29th St
Kansas City, KS


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