Seattle Mariners 1998 Fantasy Camp Autographed Pro Stock Model Bat

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I participated in the first Mariners fantasy camp in Arizona in 1998. I bought a bat from the club house guy Henry, and had the players that were there sign it for me during the week. Jaime Moyer wasn't part of the fantasy camp but was in camp early working out before spring training. Hung out with him and even got to play catch with him on the back practice field. Those signatures on the bat include:

Jaime Moyer - in camp early
Shan Monahan - in camp early
Gorman Thomas
Dave Heaverlo
Dave Henderson
Bob Stinson
Rupert Jones
Bill Caudill
Bobby Ayala - in camp early
Lenny Randall
Ken Phelps
Rick Rizz - announcer
Gary Wheelock
Julio Cruz
Bill Krueger

69 0 0


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