HeadMasters #2

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From headquarters, Commander Fortress orders the Headmasters of Justice to protect an Alaskan energy plant that's under attack. Operating their Transtectors from the cockpits, Chrome, Gorter, Cana and Ros arrive on the scene. Once there, they encounter the Headmasters of Evil, Monzo, Vorath and Grax, riding atop their animal Transtectors.
The Autobots attempt to perform a "Head On", but before they can link with their Transtectors, the Decepticons attack and swat them away. The Decepticon Headmasters then give chase in their animal Transtectors, enjoying the thrill of hunting their helpless foes.
Not content to be hunted, Chrome orders the other Headmasters into a huddle and lays out a plan. When the Decepticons make their pounce, the Autobots perform the "Southern Cross Jump" and leap over the gaping jaws of their foes. The Decepticon Headmasters peek out of their cockpits to see where their enemies have fled, only to find that they've connected with their Transtectors. Before the Decepticons can return to their animals, the Autobots blast and jump kick them simultaneously, damaging them badly. The Headmasters of Evil weep at their predicament.

63 0 1


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