Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #483 (2007)

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Part of the 'The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire' event.

This issue is Chapter Nine of the Twelve issue story arc.

Contains the story "Chapter Nine: Vulcan’s Descent".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):

#Vulcan frees #Deathbird from captivity and together, the two make short work of the #Shiar prison guards. Deathbird's innate savagery forces Vulcan to analyze his own aggression, but he is still committed towards bringing down the #ShiarEmpire. The battle enhances the passions of each of them and a whirlwind romance ensues.

Later, Vulcan and Deathbird fly to one of the Shi'ar moons where they meet with #ChancellorAraki. Araki brings them inside of a sacred crypt where the former Emperor, #DKen lies comatose. His mind shut down after exposure to the fabled #MKrannCrystal many years ago. Araki's telepaths have succeeded in repairing a large portion of D'Ken's mind, but he still suffers from traumatic neurological damage. Vulcan uses his own powers to fully heal and revive D'Ken. Vulcan's motives are hardly altruistic however; as he plans to eventually kill D'Ken in his own time. For now however, he stands by him as an ally.

Araki and his Secret Order are loyal to D'ken and together they seek to overthrow the current regime, ultimately returning D’ken to his role as Emperor. D'ken, in an effort to insure Vulcan's loyalty, arranges to have him wed his sister, Deathbird.

Meanwhile, Araki and the Secret Order makes its first violent attack against the Shi'ar Empire.
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